How Helpdesk Jobs Can Kickstart Your IT Career
How Helpdesk Jobs Can Kickstart Your IT Career

According to the current average salary for an entry-level IT helpdesk representative is just over $38,000 per year, with a range of about $25,000-50,000. In IT terms, that might not seem like much but there is plenty of room to move within that particular job, as well as opportunity to advance to higher-paying, more rewarding positions within the industry.

If you are just starting out in IT, helpdesk is a great first stop, and we have several reasons why you should consider starting here. Some of the biggest success stories in the IT arena began with a tenure as a level-one helpdesk representative. Yes, taking that helpdesk job you’re considering has real potential to springboard your career. Here’s how:

  1. There’s Nowhere to Go But Up

    Helpdesk jobs are plentiful but they are also situated close to the bottom of the corporate ladder. There might be an intern somewhere making less money than you, but that’s about it. While it might be a little depressing to think about, especially if you have an advanced degree and could be doing much bigger, better things with your time, keep at it. The only way to earn the attention of the right people is to show what you’re capable of at this level.

  2. It’s a Great Way to Prove Your Worth

    Now is the time and place to start communicating the kind of skills you possess. Your ability to solve problems, your knowledge of the systems you are supporting, and a good rapport with your customers and colleagues will all get the attention of the right people eventually.

    This is particularly true if you are doing phone-based support and have to answer to a Quality Assurance team. If you consistently score higher than your colleagues in areas of efficiency, knowledge, and customer satisfaction, it places you in line ahead of them for promotions and better jobs.

  3. It Could Come Down to A Single Phone Call

    Sometimes when the higher-ups are trying to fill a higher-end position within the company, they will call the helpdesk and just feed the reps random problems and issues. They might even take on the role of the difficult customer just to see how you react. Whether it’s a department manager or someone in HR just listening to calls that scored high with QA, one call could be all it takes to catapult your career forward.

    Be careful, though, because it can also have an opposite and negative effect on your chances. Be consistently helpful, knowledgable, and cool under pressure. All of these things show that you are capable of handling more responsibility and manage stress like a pro.

Final Takeaway

For most people in your position, helpdesk is not a forever situation. If you want to advance past this level, there are all kinds of ways to do it. The process starts by taking your job seriously and striving to do it better than anyone else. Commit to that and those coveted six- or even seven-figure salaries could be waiting just around the corner.

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