If there is a trend for job seekers for a career that will have lasting potential, it is a CyberSecurity career. This career requires a Bachelor’s degree in software, web development or a degree in security and risk analysis.

There are hundreds of job titles to explore for CyberSecurity careers. These include:

  • Security software developer
  • Security analyst
  • Security architect
  • Cryptographer
  • Security Administrator
  • Cryptanalyst
  • Security Consultant
  • Security investigators

To find the perfect CyberSecurity career, it’s important to know where these jobs are found. The options to find CyberSecurity careers are unlimited and are in high demand in government, the military and businesses such as manufacturing, IT, real estate and banking and finance.

Forbes Magazine reported in January 2016 that there are one million CyberSecurity jobs available and that the expected growth of $75 billion in 2015 will reach $170 billion by 2020. Ref: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevemorgan/2016/01/02/one-million-cybersecurity-job-openings-in-2016/#5dfff26227ea

How to Start a CyberSecurity Career

To start a career in CyberSecurity, the job seeker should have a Bachelor’s degree and minimal experience. This depends on the stated qualifications of the hiring recruiter or business.

For some CyberSecurity jobs in government, qualifications may also require a proven track record of success or achievements in specific types of CyberSecurity. This may also apply to jobs offered in banking and finance. For job seekers, it is best to target the type of job that fits qualifications and scope of job advancement from entry level to heavily experienced.

Annual Wages for CyberSecurity Careers
Annual wages for CyberSecurity careers depend on several factors:

  • Size of the hiring company
  • Location of the job
  • Qualifications required

In the northeast, for example, annual wages for entry level CyberSecurity job seekers begin at around $90,000 annually or approximately $45/hour. Note that many of these jobs may be offered on project basis. The average for an experienced CyberSecurity salary can exceed $120,000.

Many CyberSecurity careerists find over time they have the ability to advance to business ownership.

Job Requirements

The duties of a CyberSecurity employee may be quite diversified. In some cases, it involves travel, depending on the job title and nature of the business. For example, Melaleuca, a private e-commerce company that CEO Frank VanderSloot started over 30 years ago, cybersecurity employees work at the company’s headquarters in Idaho. But because Melaleuca is a global enterprise operating in 19 countries around the world, cybersecurity employees travel regularly to provide support to its foreign markets.

CyberSecurity may be relatively new; but, it has an 18% job growth rate over the next five years according to national labor statistics. Also, many job offers require CyberSecurity certifications. This should be a consideration before applying.

Contrary to most careerists’ perceptions of CyberSecurity, not all jobs offered involve daily work on computers. For example, a cyber investigator may travel to a client’s site and investigate frequency of cyber attacks and computer viruses. The collected data is usually reviewed by cyber analysts who try to formulate a picture of origins of cyber security breaches.

Plan Ahead for a Career in CyberSecurity

There are certain jobs within the discipline of CyberSecurity that don’t always require a degree. These jobs offer an entry level job applicant the opportunity to gain preemptive career experience while working towards a college degree. Keep a record of this type of experience and add it to a resume to attract the attention of businesses.


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